Put my fam on my back, it’s only right you knowCollecting debt, dueling credit cards like Yu-Gi-Oh

But I refuse to sleep, unless I earn my keep

Parents supplied the table, now eats are my treat

This world was never fair, now I’m just facing fact

We gonna defeat the struggle, you bet I made the pact

Sometimes the work I put in, that shit just ain’t enough

Dispelling stereotypes, this shit is getting tough 

Seeing flashy dope dealers all around me

Enticing, but gotta little more fight in me

And Evidently being poor is our own fault 

Can’t blame them for flicking wrists until cuffs get caught 

But we trying to make a better way

Wishing for better days

Adversity beckons out the anger

I vowed to never let my bro be 

banger or slanger

So we gon fake it, until we take it

Cards are drawn, the bet’s all placed

We all gonna make it