Cash rules everything around me

Privy to privilege, all these silver spoons that I see

Couldn’t make the social status, said the kid was lame

I was there for knowledge, not fake claims to fame

Parents didn’t have a college degree

Still instilling wisdom about the way shit out here be

Saw potential in us to tote the torch

I’m talking real strict, confined to books and bars of the front porch

I made a vow to self to amass my wealth

No more having them choose between money or health

Jordan with forward power

Clocking out of life just to clock another hour

And they still have the tendency to say it ain’t enough

Fake high collared snobs that never had it rough

Clean, clothed, and fed was the recipe

Don’t want no special treatments, just basic necessities

Me and my sis sharing shoes and coats

Pirating just to stay afloat

Super 10 twinning, rocking Ross fashions, but I hear them gloat

About Magnolia tripping, uptown balling

Thinking they better than, but failing and falling

Victim to the ills of materialistic minds

Yea you got the dollars but not the sense to be kind

A bunch of broke ass facades, yea it was all a front

Now they want to meet and greet up, but I won’t, sorry for being blunt