Orange pop cap guns from Hot Spots
And boiled peanuts out of Papa’s pots
Skipping to parks across tracks
And to Powell’s Grocery for afternoon snacks
My aunt’s janitor room crew
And J.C. Lynch Busy Beavers that made you
Sandwiches made with Kit’s lunch meat
And weekend beefs at Sugarhill and Downbeat
Grilling on racks and stone blocks
On a block where we didn’t have to keep doors locked
Reminiscing about old times with family
Summer sunsets, under the big, front, tree
Front yard cartwheels, honey suckles from backyards
Johnny’s Fish House tip boards and poker cards
Bible Temples, Olive and Savannah Groves
All the dirtroads we biked and drove
Clueless to the ills, reveling in ignorant bliss
Sometimes those days of innocence are what I miss