This dark matter that they so despise

Comes from the same stardust that comprises all the you’s and I’s

and managed to survive passage on Atlantic ships

And built this country on lashed backs, master cracks whip

Started from the bottom, trying to rise to the top

150 years plus of fighting crooked ass cops

They say the country’s great, people are so dense

Can’t value black lives when slaves were worth 2 pence

Government officials Ricing citizens like on elevators

But we built the doors for it, yea you can thank us later

“Good” nigga under control, yea your favorite ways

But Banneker made them watches and couldn’t get time of day

Systematic oppression, Americanized apartheid

We were born in this race, can’t take it all in stride

We say hands up, please don’t shoot

Apparently books are worth force that brute

Or big bad dudes are big BLACK dudes

But it was clear huh, from your altitude

12 year olds running and toy gunning

Shot it 2 seconds, man the training is so stunning

Selling CD’s and loosies, making a way despite

Just boot-strap hustling, we had no birthrights

Let’s have a quick roll call of what can get you shot

Mental illness, seizing, breathing, obeying, independent thought

Say it’s a war on gangs, you fighting self for turf?

Left us here to drown, somehow we learned to surf

This ain’t for everybody, some work to fix the tricks

But if the shoe fits, go on and lace up your kicks

Wish everybody mattered that would be such a gem

And Black lives do matter, but just not to them