Let me introduce you to the mind of the anxious queen

Tenured in the stess department, serving as the dean

Self-loathing,self-doubt penalizing image

Offsides with the thoughts, crossing lines of scrimmage

Combat and spar but the battle is invisible

Inner super villain, black zero, indivisible

Straddling the picket fences, say I’m living dreams

Sewing in the hurtful thoughts, bursting at the seems

Loops of mental feedback reflecting mirrored flaws

My heart is the punching bag, my soul needs the gauze

Learn from the bumps but can’t comprehend the Braille

No middle of the road, it’s either succeed or fail

Visions of self harm, I wanna control the calm

Honing these techniques but wounds are needing balm

Try and breathe through the panic

Up, down, depressive manic

Treading ropes of hidden hopes

Changquan’ing emotions, I’m just trying to cope

Boxing in the shadows, fighting powers that be

Duck and dodging blows but the enemy’s me