It’s evident, they starting to fear the melanin
It ain’t really bout the skin but all about the Benjamin’s
Invest, it’s time,we deserve a stake
Beanie said smiles and the handshakes, they all fake
Affirmative action, only in the dope game
Blood, crips, police, call it what you wanna gang
Respect those that protect and serve
But yall turn blind eyes, that’s neglect and swerve
Senseless killings, toe tags in store fronts
Slaying boys over swishers , 99 cent blunts
Claim to birth thoughts but the brains barron
They televise it now, shouts to Gil Heron
Let’s love everybody, man trump the hate
I just wanna exercise my right just to MLK
Can I sit to take a stand like the number 7
Seeing stranger things, powered up, mind is on 11